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Working with the Stratus Prep admissions counselors was a great experience! Not only did they help me brainstorm the most creative, effective essays, but they also helped me choose the best possible recommenders and ensure the recommenders said exactly what the law schools want to hear. I didn’t even realize how many steps to the application process there were when I started, and I would have been completely lost without the help of my counselor. I couldn’t have gotten into Yale Law (with just a 170) without Stratus Prep’s help!
When my son said he wanted to work with an admissions counselor, I was skeptical. It initially seemed like an unnecessary expense, but I soon came to realize how indispensable Stratus Prep’s guidance was. My son was awarded with a full scholarship to the University of Virginia, and I will never question the value of this investment!
I was extremely worried going into the admissions process because I had no prior legal experience on my resume. Working with an admissions counselor immediately eased my fears, and we ended up leveraging my unusual background (in Art History) to make my story more unique. Many of the schools to which I was admitted—including Duke, Northwestern, and Georgetown—sent me handwritten notes saying how interesting and different my personal statement was
I was nervous during the application process that I might not be able to afford law school without taking out tons of loans. But then the Stratus Prep admissions team helped menegotiate the best possible merit-based financial aid package. The schools were literally fighting over me. I ended up with more than $20,000 a year in merit based scholarships. Now I can focus on law school instead of worrying about debt.
I was accepted to Harvard with a 162 on my LSAT! I thought my numbers were way too low, but my admissions counselor helped me with my entire strategy including mock interviews before the real thing. I didn’t think I had a chance at Harvard; I am so glad Stratus Prep did!
I was determined that even with a 159 on the LSAT I could and would get into a top 14 law school. Stratus Prep never doubted me either. They helped me put together the most compelling possible admissions package and today I am excelling as a 1L at the #10 school in the country.
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Law School Admissions | Methodology

The following services are included in the The Law School Admissions Counseling Package:

  • An Initial Diagnosis of the Student’s Strengths and Weaknesses which is Accompanied by Actionable Suggestions on How He/She can Better Positions Him/Herself for the Upcoming Admissions Season
  • “Inside Information” on the Reputations and Relative Strengths and Weaknesses of Individual Programs and School
  • Assistance in Selecting Schools and Programs which Best Match the Individual Student’s Personal and Academic Interests
  • Discussion of Potential Topics and Structures for the Student’s Personal Statements/Admissions Essays
  • Review at least Two Rounds of Edits of these Personal Statements/Admissions Essays
  • Help Choosing Appropriate Individuals to Draft Letters of Recommendation and Advice Outlining our Unique Method for Obtaining the Best Possible Letters
  • A Game Plan to Help Students Get In If They are Wait-Listed
  • A Strategic Framework for Negotiating the Most Attractive Possible Financial Aid Award at the School of Your Choice

The Law School Admissions Counseling Package is perfect for students just beginning the admissions process, those whose scores or grades fail to demonstrate their true capabilities, those struggling with how to best “package” themselves, and those who have previously applied.

For clients in the New York area, in-person counseling sessions take place at our offices, conveniently located at 27 W. 24th Street, Suite 10B. However, a very significant proportion of our clients live outside the New York area and complete their counseling virtually using phone, Skype, and email (these options are available to students in the New York area as well). There has been no difference between the success rates who complete counseling in person or virtually.

We offer free initial, one-on-one consultations to help you decide if law school is the right professional path for you.

We help you prepare for the LSAT by teaching you the content, leading you through time tested tactics, tracking your practice test results, and coaching you through the process of obtaining or exceeding your target score.

We share our expertise and insider perspecitves on school offering to help you feel confident about applying to a set of programs customized to fit your unique background, interests and scores.

We lead you through a 5-step process for providing the admissions committee with a concise, thorough, and winning picture of you. You will not only learn about yourself and the best that you can offer to a law program, but you will also learn how to convey those aspects of yourself through the essays and recommendations for each application. We also provide you with proprietary templates and worksheets so that you can easily capture your thinking, outline your essays, and prep your recommenders.

We coach you through the interview process by sharing our insider knowledge, giving you sample questions, providing role-play interviews and feedback, and customizing your answers for each program's interviewer.

We guide you in deciding which program you should ultimately attend by referring back to your decisions to apply and the results of your introspection. If you have secured a spot on a wait-list, we coach you on strategies to maximize the probability of being admitted to your desired school.

Stratus Prep's 5-step methodology for acing the application essay