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I thought applying to business school just meant writing a few decent essays and scoring well on the GMAT. Then I met Shawn (Stratus Prep’s Founder) who explained how competitive the process was and how I could differentiate myself even if I didn’t have the top numbers. Luckily, I listened. I never would have gotten into Harvard Business School with a GMAT in the 500’s if it weren’t for Stratus Prep.
I applied to three schools, and the applications and essays for each school were completely different. My Stratus Prep admissions counselor helped me strategize a unique approach for each school and kept me on track throughout this grueling process. With Stratus Prep’s help, I will be enrolling at Wharton, my top choice, this fall.
With the help of my Stratus Prep Admissions Counselor, I not only got into Columbia Business School; I won a full-merit scholarship. That is $150,000+ I can now put towards an apartment. Thanks Stratus Prep!
Stratus Prep admissions counselors go out of their way to make the admissions process run smoothly and efficiently. At my first meeting we set up a schedule that included every draft of every essay, each recommendation, etc. We stuck to the schedule and I submitted all my apps well before the deadlines! Now I have merit-based scholarships at a number of my top choice schools.
With a demanding job in finance, I did not have a lot of flexibility in my schedule. My admissions counselor was so accommodating in meeting whenever I could (even some Sunday nights) and replying immediately to my emails I sent in the middle of the night! Every meeting was very productive, and I always left feeling encouraged. In the end, my application could not have been better, and I was accepted to HBS, my top choice school!
When I applied to business school in the fall, I applied to HBS as a long shot. In order to give it my best possible effort, I went to Stratus Prep for advice. My Stratus Prep offered invaluable feedback on my essays that made a tremendous improvement and helped me prep for the infamously intimidating Harvard interview. The proof is in the pudding: I will be attending HBS next fall. I can't recommend you highly enough.
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MBA Admissions Counseling | Pricing

Discounted School Packages

If you are just beginning the MBA process and have not yet drafted your essays, this is the ideal option for you. You will receive an unlimited amount of support from your Stratus Prep counselor on every aspect of the admissions process (introspection, recommender coaching, essay outlining and editing, and interview preparation) and simply pay a flat fee based on the number of programs to which you are applying.

Our Pricing

1 Program $3,250
2 Program $4,750
3 Program $6,250
4 Program $7,500
5 Program $8,750
6 Program $10,000
7 Program $11,000
8 Program $12,000
9 Program $13,000
10 Program $14,000

Harvard Business School applications require an additional $250 due to Stratus Prep's sustained expertise in helping applicants gain admission to this program. Stratus Prep Founder Shawn O’Connor provides strategic guidance on all MBA Admissions school packages. However, some clients prefer to work exclusively with Shawn on all aspects of their application. If you would prefer to work exclusively with Shawn, please call us at (212) 307-1788 for more information.

Test preparation is not included in the packages above; please see GMAT Test Prep or GMAT Tutoring to learn more about our GMAT offerings.

Hourly Assistance

If you prefer assistance on just one part of the application process, we are happy to offer our guidance, coaching, editing and interview preparation services through hourly live or virtual coaching sessions at the following hourly rates:

  • Stratus Prep Admissions Counselor: $250
  • Stratus Prep Director of MBA Admissions: $500
  • Stratus Prep Founder Shawn O’Connor: $750
  • *Minimum 5 hour purchase required for hourly counseling.

Initial Consultation

Not sure which program is best for you? We would be happy to schedule a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation to discuss how we can best help you reach your dream school.