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The first year of law school can be a tremendously time-consuming and frustrating endeavor. However, with the unrivalled insider’s perspective offered by Stratus Prep, I could always be sure that I was spending my time only on those items that would offer me the greatest payback come exam time. I would not have excelled at NYU Law School without Stratus Prep and the Law School Bootcamp!
With the exceptional law school study and exam strategies that I learned in Stratus Prep’s Law School Bootcamp I earned 7 High Passes during my 1L year at Harvard Law and had offers of employment from numerous top New York law firms! Thanks Stratus Prep!
Stratus Prep’s Law School Bootcamp gave me the law school study and exam preps tips that I needed to earn a 3.9 GPA during my first year at Fordham Law. As a result, I was accepted to NYU and Columbia Law as a transfer student. I could not have done it without Stratus Prep.
Before heading to law school, I had no idea how challenging it would be. I am so grateful that I took Stratus Prep’s Law School Bootcamp which gave me an in-depth overview of each 1L class as well as tremendously helpful tips for excelling on law school exams. Thanks to Stratus Prep I am now on law review and won a merit-based scholarship for my second and third years!
As a result of what I learned in Stratus Prep’s Law School Bootcamp, I always felt like I was one step ahead of everyone else in my classes throughout my 1L year. And it wasn’t just a feeling – I ended my first semester in the top 5% of my class!
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Law School Bootcamp | Curriculum

Our program provides a unique combination of “insider” study and exam strategies with in-depth lectures on each of the core 1L subjects.

We will begin by exploring the key success factors which ensure you realize your full potential in law school and, as our previous students have, land at the top of your class at the end of the first year.

You will then learn how to quickly read, understand, and break down the cases which will be the almost sole focus of your first year studies. You will have the opportunity to practice these techniques as you prepare your homework prior to each of the lectures on the first year subjects.

Next, we will conquer the dreaded law school exam which will be the SOLE determinent of your grade in all or nearly all of your classes. These essays are read and graded in a matter of minutes thus it is essential that you prepare for and structure them so as to earn the additional points which separate the A students from the bulk of students who will earn B+s and Bs as dictated by the law school grade curve. You will have the opportunity to apply these strategies after each of the lectures on the first year subjects.

In our subsequent classes, we will learn how to approach each of the following subjects while reinforcing the study and exam techniques outlined above:

  • Contracts
  • Torts
  • Real Property
  • Civil Procedure
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Constitutional Law
  • Legal Research & Writing

Finally, we will have some closing words on how you can attain your academic goals without (completely) sacrificing your personal time as well as on how to convert your top grades into the job offer of your choice.

Stratus Prep’s Bootcamp is unique from any other law school prep course:

  • Coherently integrates law school study and exam techniques into the study of each and every first year class so that students can apply and refine these techniques as they move through the Bootcamp.
  • Taught by one professional rather than a different lecturer each day which ensures the continuity of the concepts presented and avoids needless and wasteful repetition.
  • Developed and will be presented by a test prep professional who recently navigated the very law school subjects you will study in the Bootcamp and in school.
  • Only the Stratus Prep course is in a position to critique "the official, law professor approach" to preparing a case or studying for an exam and teach you that the most effective and quickest way to learn these tough concepts is quite often distinct from "the official approach."
  • Sets you up with our “Plug & Play 1L”, a set of the prep materials you will need to hit the ground running when you arrive at law school.
  • Only the Stratus Prep course is small enough to ensure that you will receive the personal attention you deserve and have the opportunity to ask all your questions in a comfortable and supportive environment.
  • Will be recorded so that students who need to miss a class for any reason can make it up at their convenience.