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I thought applying to business school just meant writing a few decent essays and scoring well on the GMAT. Then I met Shawn (Stratus Prep’s Founder) who explained how competitive the process was and how I could differentiate myself even if I didn’t have the top numbers. Luckily, I listened. I never would have gotten into Harvard Business School with a GMAT in the 500’s if it weren’t for Stratus Prep.
I applied to three schools, and the applications and essays for each school were completely different. My Stratus Prep admissions counselor helped me strategize a unique approach for each school and kept me on track throughout this grueling process. With Stratus Prep’s help, I will be enrolling at Wharton, my top choice, this fall.
With the help of my Stratus Prep Admissions Counselor, I not only got into Columbia Business School; I won a full-merit scholarship. That is $150,000+ I can now put towards an apartment. Thanks Stratus Prep!
Stratus Prep admissions counselors go out of their way to make the admissions process run smoothly and efficiently. At my first meeting we set up a schedule that included every draft of every essay, each recommendation, etc. We stuck to the schedule and I submitted all my apps well before the deadlines! Now I have merit-based scholarships at a number of my top choice schools.
With a demanding job in finance, I did not have a lot of flexibility in my schedule. My admissions counselor was so accommodating in meeting whenever I could (even some Sunday nights) and replying immediately to my emails I sent in the middle of the night! Every meeting was very productive, and I always left feeling encouraged. In the end, my application could not have been better, and I was accepted to HBS, my top choice school!
When I applied to business school in the fall, I applied to HBS as a long shot. In order to give it my best possible effort, I went to Stratus Prep for advice. My Stratus Prep offered invaluable feedback on my essays that made a tremendous improvement and helped me prep for the infamously intimidating Harvard interview. The proof is in the pudding: I will be attending HBS next fall. I can't recommend you highly enough.
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MBA Admissions Counseling | Methodology

From the moment that you decide to apply to business school until you accept an offer from the school of your choice, Stratus Prep guides you through every step of the admissions process.

Click through the graphic below to learn more about the various stages of the MBA process and how Stratus Prep can support you:


We offer free initial, one-on-one consultations to help you decide if an MBA is the right professional path for you.

We help you prepare for the GMAT by teaching you the content, leading you through time tested tactics, tracking your practice test results, and coaching you through the process of obtaining or exceeding your target score.

We share our expertise and insider perspecitves on school offering to help you feel confident about applying to a set of programs customized to fit your unique background, interests, and scores.

We lead you through a 5-step process for providing the admissions committee with a concise, thorough, and winning picture of you. You will not only learn about yourself and the best that you can offer to an MBA program, but you will also learn how to convey those aspects of yourself through the essays and recommendations for each application. We also provide you with proprietary templates and worksheets so that you can easily capture your thinking, outline your essays, and prep your recommender.

We coach you through the interview process by sharing our insider knowledge, giving you sample questions, providing role-play interviews and feedback, and customizing your answers for each program's interviewer.

We guide you in deciding which program you should ultimately attend by referring back to your decisions to apply and the results of your introspection. If you have secured a spot on a wait-list, we coach you on strategies to maximize the probability of being admitted to your desired school.

Stratus Prep's 5-step methodology for acing the application essay

The regular MBA Admissions Counseling Package includes the following partnership with Stratus Prep's Founder Shawn O'Connor (in addition to the work you will do with your counselor, the Stratus Prep 3rd party reviewer, and the Stratus Prep proofreader)


  • 30 minute call or meeting with Shawn to review the strategy slides that you and your counselor put together
  • 30 minute call or meeting to review the essay outlines that you and your counselor put together if you have purchased 1-2 schools. This meeting will be extended to 1 hour for clients who purchase 3-4 schools, 1.5 hours for clients who purchase 5-6 schools, 2 hours for clients who purchase 7-8 hours, and 2.5 hours for clients who purchase 9-10 schools
  • A final 30 minute mock interview with Shawn
  • Access to Shawn via email for the rare, complex question that your counselor cannot answer Some students choose to have their essays/applications reviewed by Shawn in addition to the reviews by their counselor, the 3rd party reviewer, and the Stratus Prep proofreader. This is not included in the regular MBA Admissions package but subject to an additional surcharge.


The following fees apply for this service by Shawn:

$750/per school for essays only

$1250/per school for entire application (essays, recommendations, resume, etc.)

Please note that this service is available on a space available basis so clients are encouraged to reserve essay/application reviews with Shawn early in the application cycle.