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I had my heart set on Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, even though my GRE was in the 400’s. My Stratus Prep admissions counselor, Samantha, was honest about my chances, but she was also very supportive and helped my put together my best possible application. When I got in, I could hardly believe it, and I knew I could not have done it without her help!
For years, my academic goal has been to get into a highly competitive program in politics and media and the London School of Economics. Each year, less than 1 in 10 students are admitted. But with the help of my Stratus Prep Admissions Counselor, I will be off to start the program in just a few months!
I was totally clueless when it came to admissions. The admission counselor at Stratus so friendly and walked me through the process step by step. Stanford here I come!
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GRE Tutoring

  • Stratus Prep has helped its clients earn perfect (yes, perfect) or near perfect scores on both the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the GRE.
  • Given the unique needs of each GRE student in terms of both his or her individual strengths and weaknesses and the demands of the programs to which he or she is applying, we only offer GRE preparation in the form of individualized tutoring, which allows us to customize a plan for your success.
  • Whether you are applying to a creative writing or economics program, we have the industry’s most qualified tutors who stand ready to reach your goals.

Our Curriculum

Starting from Stratus Prep’s proprietary GRE Coursebook, our GRE tutors build a customized curriculum for your GRE preparation based on the results of your diagnostic and the expectations of the program to which you are applying.

This curriculum could consist of, among many other units, an intensive vocabulary “build out” which will quickly teach you the 1,000+ most common words on the exam and/or a comprehensive quantitative review which will cover everything from probability to the volume of a sphere.

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Our Results

Many of our students have scored perfect or near perfect scores on both the Quantitative and Verbal Sections of the GRE.

We recently had a student achieve a perfect score in the Quantitative Section (a requirement for the Economics program to which he was applying).

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Stratus Prep offers GRE tutoring at the rate of $195/hour. However since a significant number of tutoring sessions are always required to help a student achieve his or her full potential on this exam, most students purchase at least 10 hours of GRE tutoring. A minimum of 5 hour purchase is required. We are happy to offer 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 hour tutoring packages at a discounted rate.

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