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Stratus Prep is so different from any other test prep or admissions firm. Everyone, from the tutors to the office staff, cares so much about your success. From the first time I called to ask about GMAT Tutoring, everyone was so insightful and accommodating. Just knowing they were behind me 100% made me want to do better, and I did!
I was doing great with Quant, but my Verbal score kept pulling me down. My Stratus Prep tutor pinpointed exactly which question type I wasn’t getting, and he literally spent hours with me helping me through practice problems and explaining until I really understood everything. I ended up with a 780!!
I understood all the concepts but made careless mistakes and struggle with timing. My tutor taught me incredibly useful problem-solving techniques that saved me time while dramatically increasing my accuracy. Hello 710!
I bought a few GMAT books but they were confusing (sometimes even inaccurate), and I was never motivated to study. My Stratus Prep tutor explained concepts so I could understand them, and he assigned me lots of homework to keep me on track. It worked! I never thought I would break 700, but I got a 720!!
I live in Charlotte, but I came all the way to NYC just to do private tutoring with Shawn (Stratus Prep’s founder). My buddy from college who lives in New York swears by Shawn’s methods, and she said I had to use him to prep for the GMAT! It has been worth the travel and every dime!

GMAT Tutoring | Pricing

Stratus Prep offers GMAT tutoring at the rate of $195/hour. However since a significant number of tutoring sessions are always required to help a student achieve his or her full potential on this exam, most students purchase at least 10 hours of GMAT tutoring. A minimum 5 hour purchase is required. We are happy to offer 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 hour tutoring packages at the following discounted rates:

  • 5 hours for $975
  • 10 hours for $1,852 (a 5% discount)
  • 20 hours for $3,609 (a 7.5% discount)
  • 30 hours for $5,265 (a 10% discount)
  • 50 hours for $8,288 (a 15% discount)
  • 100 hours for $15,600 (a 20% discount)

Please click here for more information on these discounted packages.