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GMAT Tutoring

Gmat Tutoring

  • 80% of Stratus Prep GMAT students score 700+ on the Real GMAT and 90% of them score 650+.
  • All Stratus Prep GMAT tutors have scored a 770+ (top 1%) on the Real GMAT, have 2+ years of teaching experience, and tutor the GMAT full-time.
  • All Stratus Prep GMAT tutors are graduates of top 10 MBA programs including HBS.

Our Curriculum

Stratus Prep combines our proprietary GMAT Coursebook with over 1,000 Real GMAT problems in order to ensure that you are fully prepared for whatever concepts appear on the computer-adaptive GMAT.

The Stratus Prep GMAT Coursebook includes comprehensive reviews of all the concepts covered on the Quantitative and Verbal Sections of the exam as well as the Analytical Writing Assessment. To see the full Stratus Prep GMAT curriculum click here.

Stratus Prep tutors also go beyond the class curriculum, developing and teaching you highly customized techniques that will ensure that you excel on the GMAT. In this way, Stratus Prep GMAT tutoring is the ideal way in which to prepare for your exam.

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Our Results

80% of Stratus Prep’s GMAT clients score 700+ on the Real GMAT.

90% of Stratus Prep’s GMAT clients score 650+ on the Real GMAT.

Stratus Prep students average an increase of over 100+ points and many students have gained more than 150 points as a result of their preparation with Stratus Prep.

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Stratus Prep offers GMAT tutoring at the rate of $195/hour. However since a significant number of tutoring sessions are always required to help a student achieve his or her full potential on this exam, most students purchase at least 10 hours of GMAT tutoring. A minimum 5 hour purchase is required. We are happy to offer 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 hour tutoring packages at a discounted rate.

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