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Graduate School Admissions Consulting

  • Whether you are applying for a PhD program, a Masters in Economics or the Social Sciences, or a Masters in Public Policy or Public Administration, our graduate school admissions consulting experts can help you win a seat at your dream school.
  • Over the last five years, our graduate school admissions consultants, who themselves have top graduate degrees from the nation’s premier institutions of higher learning, have helped clients successfully apply to even the most competitive and niche programs.
  • From school selection and developing an overall application strategy to assistance with outlining/editing application essays and choosing/coaching recommenders, our consultants are here to help you at every step of this too often intimidating process.

Our Methodology

In order to maximize the probability that you will be admitted to your dream graduate school, our talented and experienced admissions consultants prefer to guide you throughout every step of the graduate school admissions process: school selection, introspection, crafting your personal story, essay outlining, essay editing, resume and short answer editing, interview preparation and financial aid negotiation. This is most efficiently done through one of our all-inclusive packages which are based on the number of schools to which you are applying and each school’s requirements.

If you prefer, we also offer hourly admissions consulting focused just on one aspect of the aforementioned process.

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We have helped its clients gain admission to some of the world's most pretigious masters programs, including programs with single-digit acceptance rates like Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and the London School of Economics.

We have also seen overwhelming success with our clients applying to PhD programs at leading research institutions. Our clients have been accepted to research-based PhD programs at leading institutions such as Pennsylvania State University, the University of Illinois, and Boston University.

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Graduate school applicants work with us either on an hourly basis or on a per-school, all- inclusive basis.

The all-inclusive packages, which are priced based on the specific application requirements of each school to which you are applying, include everything from admissions strategy and school selection to assistance with outlining/editing application essays and choosing/prepping recommenders. These packages also include resume editing and interview preparation (when necessary).

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