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My Stratus Prep tutor, Scott,scored a 177 on his real LSAT so he obviously really knew his stuff. But even more importantly, he was great at explaining concepts so I could understand them. I would never have gotten into the 170s on my real exam if I had not combined the Stratus Prep class with tutoring with Scott.
I learn so much better one-on-one so I didn’t want to take a class. Stratus Prep paired me with the most insightful, patient, helpful tutor. We worked together for 30 hours, and I excelled on the exam and got into my top choice school!
I usually get really anxious when I take standardized tests, but my Stratus Prep tutor prepared me so well that I felt completely ready on the day of the exam, so I had nothing to be nervous about!In our last session, she even gave me some really helpful relaxation techniques. In just 10 hours, Stratus Prep got me the 9 points I needed.
I seriously owe my life to the geniuses at Stratus Prep. I loved the Stratus Prep LSAT class, but finishing puzzles in time was still a challenge so I added 10 hours of tutoring. My tutor figured out exactly where I was having trouble, and he customized the techniques just for me. With his help, I just got a 175 and into Harvard Law!
I live near San Francisco, but I came all the way to NYC just to prep with Shawn (Stratus Prep’s founder). My friends in New York swear by Shawn’s methods and said I had to use him to prep for the LSAT. Good thing I did – I went up almost 20 points!!
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LSAT Tutoring | Pricing

Stratus Prep offers LSAT tutoring at the rate of $195/hour. However since a significant number of tutoring sessions are always required to help a student achieve his or her full potential on this exam, most students purchase at least 10 hours of LSAT tutoring. A minimum 5 hour purchase is required.

We are happy to offer 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 hour tutoring packages at the following discounted rates:

  • 5 hours for $975
  • 10 hours for $1,852 (a 5% discount)
  • 20 hours for $3,608 (a 7.5% discount)
  • 30 hours for $5,265 (a 10% discount)
  • 50 hours for $8,288 (a 15% discount)
  • 100 hours for $15,600 (a 20% discount)

We also offer significant discounts if you bundle LSAT tutoring with the Stratus Prep LSAT Class and/or with Stratus Prep’s proprietary Law Admissions Counseling. Please click here for more information on these discounted packages.