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My Stratus Prep tutor, Scott,scored a 177 on his real LSAT so he obviously really knew his stuff. But even more importantly, he was great at explaining concepts so I could understand them. I would never have gotten into the 170s on my real exam if I had not combined the Stratus Prep class with tutoring with Scott.
I learn so much better one-on-one so I didn’t want to take a class. Stratus Prep paired me with the most insightful, patient, helpful tutor. We worked together for 30 hours, and I excelled on the exam and got into my top choice school!
I usually get really anxious when I take standardized tests, but my Stratus Prep tutor prepared me so well that I felt completely ready on the day of the exam, so I had nothing to be nervous about!In our last session, she even gave me some really helpful relaxation techniques. In just 10 hours, Stratus Prep got me the 9 points I needed.
I seriously owe my life to the geniuses at Stratus Prep. I loved the Stratus Prep LSAT class, but finishing puzzles in time was still a challenge so I added 10 hours of tutoring. My tutor figured out exactly where I was having trouble, and he customized the techniques just for me. With his help, I just got a 175 and into Harvard Law!
I live near San Francisco, but I came all the way to NYC just to prep with Shawn (Stratus Prep’s founder). My friends in New York swear by Shawn’s methods and said I had to use him to prep for the LSAT. Good thing I did – I went up almost 20 points!!
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LSAT Tutoring | Results

Stratus Prep has had unparalleled success in preparing students for the LSAT. Our clients average a 12 point score increase, the nation’s highest, and we have had students increase by as many as 32 points. Countless Stratus Prep students have scored in the high 170s and 180.

Our average score increase continues to go even higher as we further refine our curriculum each and every year.

Below please find a sample of the results that Stratus Prep has been able to generate:

Julia R. PreTest: 155 Real LSAT: 176 +21 Points
Rob F. PreTest: 170 Real LSAT: 180 +10 Points
(another perfect score!)
Elizabeth S. PreTest: 161 Real LSAT: 175 +14 Points
Jennifer A. PreTest: 129 Real LSAT: 161 +32 Points
Jason B. PreTest: 162 Real LSAT: 175 +13 Points
Matt K. PreTest: 149 Real LSAT: 166 +17 Points
Sam W. PreTest: 141 Real LSAT: 163 +22 Points
Andrew K. PreTest: 160 Real LSAT: 176 +16 Points
Gail H. PreTest: 158 Real LSAT: 171 +13 Points
Frank C. PreTest: 153 Real LSAT: 170 +17 Points
Peter K. PreTest: 152 Real LSAT: 172 +20 Points

While it will take a lot of time and commitment on your part and ours, we are confident that, by working with Stratus Prep, you will attain the LSAT score you need to attend your dream school.

We look forward to being at your side each and every step of the way.