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Stratus Prep's LSAT classes saved my life... The teaching methodology and friendly instructors helped me increase my score by 12 points to a 172! Thank you Stratus!
I was the first of my friends to take Stratus Prep’s LSAT class. After theykept hearing me bragging about my score increasing with every practice exam (up to a 171 on the real LSAT!!!), they all signed up too! Now we’re all at top 10 law schools.
Before Stratus Prep, I took a course with a different company where there were almost 60 people in my class. I learned next to nothing because no one answered my questions. Then,luckily, I discovered Stratus Prep, where my class only had 10 students and my instructor knew my name after the first class. I never left a class confused, and by the end my score increased by 15 points!
I researched a few companies in Long Island where I live but none was as impressive as Stratus Prep. The commute ended up being so easy! The office is close to Penn Station and right near the subway. I took a Sunday afternoon class so I only had to come in once a week. Even though it was a five-hour class, my teacher made it fun, and I was never bored. Highly recommended!
My daughter had an excellent experience at Stratus Prep. From all the individualized attention she received to the quality of her instructor (a Harvard Law graduate taught her!), Stratus Prep was absolutely worth every penny.

LSAT Classes | Our LSAT Instructors

Scott Bell Education B.A. in East Asian Studies, New York University, magna cum laude
J.D., Columbia Law School (in progress)
Nagashima, Ohno&Tsunematsu Fellow at Columbia Law School
LSAT Score: 177 Areas of Expertise: Puzzles, Arguments, Passages
Fun Facts:
  • Originally from Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Lived in Japan for a year (and speak Japanese!).
  • Was a management consultant for two years after undergrad before matriculating law school.
Greatest accomplishments with clients
  • Numerous 12+ point improvements
  • Rebuilding another student's passages strategy from the ground up (after her abilities had been impaired by failed strategies from another test prep company).
  • Helping a student become flawless at Puzzles when it was once her weakest section.











Dan Coogan Education B.A. in Philosophy and German, Bowdoin College
J.D., NYU School of Law
LSAT Score: 175 Areas of Expertise: Puzzles Fun Facts:
  • Lived in Germany for a year after college and have traveled extensively in Europe
  • Avid rock climber and yoga practitioner
  • Delivered the Boston Globe, New York Times and Wall Street Journal to more than 20 houses in my neighborhood every morning from age 9 to 13
Sophie DeBenedetto Education B.A. in History, Barnard College of Columbia University, cum laude and departmental honors
Admitted to NYU School of Law (deferred admission)
LSAT Score: 172 Areas of Expertise: Logic Games and Arguments Greatest Accomplishments with Clients: Helping one student transform the logic games from her weakest section to her strongest Fun Facts: I love to cook and am currently working my way through my great grandmother's Italian recipes

Michelle Kim Hall Education J.D., Harvard Law School
M.F.A. in Creative Writing, New York University
B.A. in English, U.C.L.A, summa cum laude
LSAT Score: 174 Areas of Expertise: Arguments, Passages, Writing
Fun Facts:
  • I ran a marathon when I was fifteen and won first place for my age division (probably because I was the only 15-17 year old girl in the race).
  • In law school I traveled to South Africa with the Human Rights Clinic for a report on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and got to interview actor John Kani.
Daniel Krantz Education B.A. in Sociology and International Relations, Wesleyan University
LSAT Score: 175 Areas of Expertise: Puzzles, Arguments, PassagesInterests: Basketball, History, Graphic Design

Andrew Krause Education B.A. in Political Science, Yale University, 2008
New York University School of Law, J.D., (In progress)

Charles Lupica Education B.A. in Humanities, Yale University
J.D., NYU School of Law (in progress)
LSAT Score: 177 Areas of Expertise: Puzzles, Passages, Managing Stress Interests Film, TV, Sustainable Farming, Cooking

Sean Murphy Education B.A. History, Rutgers University
M.A. History, University of California at Berkeley
LSAT Score: 176 Fun Facts:
  • In previous career in showbusiness (as an usher at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ), got to hang out in Willie Nelson's tour bus after a show
  • Was on the game show Cash Cab and recommends taking the double-or-nothing video challenge.
Greatest accomplishments with clients
  • Tutoring a student who was unable to break out of the 140s but who eventually scored high enough to attend Yale Law
  • Convincing one student who was entirely convinced that he could not successfully take the LSAT to keep studying, and getting to see that student start at Stanford Law in 2012
  • Making formal logic fun and relatable
Brittany Roehrs Education JD, Columbia Law School (In Progress)
B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
LSAT Score: 174 Interests Dance, yoga, musical theater, reading

Laurah Samuels Education B.A. in Political Science and History (double major), Pomona College
J.D., Columbia Law School (in progress)
LSAT Score: 176 Areas of Expertise: Puzzles, Arguments, Passages
Fun Facts:
  • I love vegan cooking--especially learning how to make Indian, Lebanese, and Ethiopian dishes.
  • I have been to nearly 25 countries.
  • I'm an avid reader--particularly historical fiction
Greatest Accomplishments with Clients
  • A student who has made a more than a 20-point increase on practice tests since we began working together and who continues to improve.
  • Helped a client increase by over 10 points after she had already been studying on her own for nearly a year.
  • Helped a client completely change his approach to passages in just a few tutoring sessions.
David Spector Education B.A. in American History at Columbia University LSAT Score: 173 Areas of Expertise: Puzzles, Arguments, Passages Interests I am a tennis player, gardening and organic foods enthusiast, and fly fisherman.